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Welcome To The Tenant's Corner

Thanks for visiting our "Tenant's Corner", the place for prospective and current tenants.   Also check out our facebook page Bloomington Rentals, but is is just getting started, so be patient with me!

Prospective Tenants' Q & A:

1. What is our application process:  I will either give you at the showing of the property or email you an Application To Rent and an Office Policy Regarding Agency that you will need to fill out and return to us if you are interested in leasing and sign a lease.  If the rental was found on Zillow or Trulia you will be able to apply via their application.  Alternately you can apply after we sent you an email from "Smart Moves" tenant screening service.  It is a better, more secure way for you to apply for a rental than just having a landlord or company pull your credit and have access to all of your personal data.  Your credit score is not impacted too which is helpful and your sensitive data is not disclosed.  Here is a link to it so you can check it out: 

After receive receive all of the information, we will discuss your application with the Owner and make a decision based on the Smartmoves recomendation, applicatio,  current situation and proposed lease terms.  We understand that people may have issues in their past that effect their credit, but we are interested in your current situation.  Just because you have some blemished credit does not mean you can rent a property from us.  We look at the whole picture.  If you are not approved, then we will follow the Fair Credit and Reporting Act guidelines and let you know.  We can also approve you with some conditions too such as an increased deposit.  It is all negotiable between you and the Owner of the property.

2. Do we allow pets?  We do on a case by case basis, depending upon what  the Owner of the property will allow pets or not.  We are typically a "pet friendly" company though.  If approved, there will be an additional pet deposit or pet fee and we have some restrictions about the number, age, and some breed restrictions.

3. What about utilities? Typically the tenants pay their own utilities and provide lawn care, but some properties do include them, so just check with us.

4. What about repairs and maintenance?  If you ever have a needed repair or situation that needs attention, just call/text or email us and we will send our friendly maintenance or repair people out promptly.  Your repair requests will not be ignored or put on the back  burner so to speak like what can happen with some landlords. 

5. How do I pay rent?  You can mail it or drop it by.  We accept checks and money orders, or cash by appointment.  Many of our tenants just set up online bill pay and their banks cut us checks.  We are looking into the possibility of adding online payment options and payments by credit cards and hope to have that coming available soon.

6. Why should I rent from Peek & Associates?  Just ask any of our current or past tenants.  We are a professional, yet personable company that respects their tenants and people like doing business with us.  We are available basically 24 hours a day via phone/text or email, whichever is your preferred method of communication.  We won't by default just take your damage deposit like I have heard stories about here in Bloomington. We understand and adhere to being fair at the move out inspection and that the  deposit money is not our money, it is your money that we are holding to be sure you adhere to the terms of the lease and pay rent. 

If you have any questions, just call/text 812.30.3460 or email and I would be happy to answer your questions or concerns.

Mark Kleinbauer

Property Manager



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